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So much of our selling is done online and relies on the written word. Whether it's an awareness building social media campaign or a sales-focused website, words have to work for you.

If you're a social media manager, a content manager or a one-man-band who is responsible for everything, these courses are designed for you. 

How to write more powerfully for your business
Is everything you write focused on getting sales? How much time would you save and how much more revenue would you generate if it did?

This fun and friendly half-day course takes the stress out of writing for your business and helps you connect with your customer to ultimately drive sales.  We'll look at how you build a relationship with your customer when you're not talking to them face to face. We'll look at how you write in a compelling way that keeps your customer hooked. And we'll try out different story structures that make it easy to write anything.

Contact me to book a half day training session for your team.  


Communications calendar strategy and planning

How would you like ten extra working days in the year? Put this plan in place and that's what you'll get.

You know it's true. Scouting around trying to think of things to post on social media, or content for your newsletter, or sales messages for your emails can start as an hour long task and somehow magically take four.  If you're doing this week in week out, you could be wasting far more than ten working days. It's probably nearer 20.  
My communications planning system, is simple and easy to implement. It's completely customer focused and designed to ensure that you're consistently building up your customer base in order to make sales. It makes the most of every opportunity and shouts about everything that is unique about your business. Once it's done, it's done. You'll be tweaking and re-using this plan year in year out.

Contact me to discuss communications and content strategy and planning.
Half Day 121 on your business

From your communications strategy through to creating customer focused content and writing relevant, compelling copy that stops your customers in their tracks - whatever your business needs, I will create the right half day for you, totally tailored to your needs.  

Are you on track to meet your sales targets this year? Do you know who needs to buy from you in order for you to do so? Do you have a plan to talk to each customer about their pain points and how you can help. 

Have you really thought about your sales funnel? Do you know what problems your customers are grappling with? Are you helping?

For every sale you make you need a customer to buy. If you're not on track, let's talk. 

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