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Let me tell you a story...

We’re all storytellers. We tell hundreds of stories a day – remember when you told your partner about how your sales pitch knocked it out the park? And how that same partner rolls their eyes whenever you regale new friends with your favourite 'the awful night we missed the last train'. story. It's human nature to draw others in with our struggles and inspire them with our successes. 


The stories we choose to tell and the way that we choose to tell them - they're part of who we are. 

Telling your business stories is no different. It’s no different.


Tell a good story and you’ll grab your customer's attention (even if you’re selling a boiler widget). Understand your customer and how they can tell their own story better and you’ve got a sale.

So what are your stories? Let's tell them in such a compelling way that your customers get to know your business, like what you do, and trust you enough to buy from you. 


Hiring a copywriter shouldn't be stressful. So let's make it easy. For a free 20 minute conversation to discuss what you're looking for, get in touch today. 

SEO. It's not rocket science. A quick and excellent guide to improving your SEO. 

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Watch my videos on the what/why and how of communications and content strategy. 

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