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Making freelancing work

No boss, no shirts to iron, no commute. Freelancing is heaven. Except…

No boss? You know, I never expected to miss having a boss. But just as you lose the tyrant who expects you in meetings at 8am, you also lose the praise and support great bosses give. Now, I have to be my own boss. And whilst that obviously means setting deadlines, timescales and expectations, it also means taking the time to feel good about a job well done and making sure you book on the course that will teach you a new skill. Just as you set aside a few hours a week for marketing and managing your business, so you should set aside a little time for your own development.

No shirts to iron? Well maybe. Writing for Blue Marmalade means I spend a lot of time thinking about clothes, especially clothes that we wear at home. This is a brand that is very popular with freelancing home workers because the clothes are beautiful to wear but look and feel a little special. More than ever I’m convinced that you need some kind of work look. Because when you don’t have the ritual of a commute, or the discipline of an office, you need to get yourself into a work mindset. Clothes really help.

No commute. Yeah, that’s great. It really, really is. No point lying.

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