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CV19 is no time for the hard sell. I have a problem with that sentence.

I’ve seen so much debate across LinkedIn. These are tough times, this is not the time for the hard sell.

What was appropriate before is not appropriate now.

Every time I’ve seen these thought pieces I’ve thought… why?

It’s never time for the hard sell.

If your product or service needs a hard sell then you’re either not selling it to the right people or it’s not the right product. That’s always been true.

People only buy things to improve their lives (I’m not saying people don’t have an odd idea of what will improve their lives, from time to time, but that is their intent). Whether they’re buying a tin of beans from the corner shop, a Lexus or a lino for the bathroom, they’re trying to improve their lives. If your product or service improves their lives, you don’t need a hard sell. Not now or ever.

It’s never not the time to be helpful.

In fact, I would say that is your entire job. Rather than selling, your job is to help your potential customers get so clear on their problem that they completely understand how you solve that problem for them. Then they can choose you.

So what has changed?

The question to ask is ‘how can I now be most helpful to my potential customers?’. This is where I do think it’s worth reviewing how you are talking to your customers in light of the CV19 pandemic.

Firstly, your customers’ problems might have changed – are you still helping them as best you can?

Secondly, there might be people who previously were not your target customer who now are. What are their new problems?

If customers are dealing with new problems, they’ll be doing research. They’ll be working out what their options are and what’s right for them. This is your opportunity to inform them on the things they need to know, educate them on the things they need to consider and inspire them with how you make a difference.

CV19 is not the time for the hard sell. But if your product or service helps people, it’s time to let them know about it.

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