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Physician, heal thyself

Hello to those of you new to my website. Isn’t it terrible? It’s not designed to showcase half the stuff I can do. [Editor's note... I've since relaunched with my new beautiful website which I hope you agree isn't at all terrible!)

As with all small businesses I have to steel myself to allocate proper time to all those head office type tasks – finance, marketing, website overhaul. But even I must admit, the time has come. The new website is ‘coming soon’.

And so I find myself firmly in the same boat as many of my clients. Looking for professional services be it copywriting, web design, branding is a bit of a minefield. You want to find someone you can trust. You want to move forward quickly. A quick visit to google provides me not just with web designers, but template options, some free, some paid for. What to choose? How to decide? I thought google would give me answers. In truth it’s just presented me with more questions.

Luckily for me, at least I know a really good copywriter. She’ll get her head around my business and she won’t stop until every word is perfect. But I don’t even know what I want from her (I’m talking about me, yes? That’s clear, no?). Do I start with the copy first or the design.


Being my own client is weirdly refreshing. It’s reminded me of the challenges my clients face and of the reason why my service must always include flexibility, reassurance and calm. Because when you’re looking for answers and all you get are more questions, that’s what you need. Someone who says ‘Yes. That’s fine. Leave it with me.’ So I’ve left it with her. I hope she’s getting on with it right now and not writing a blog instead.

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